The only ship shuffleboard game on iOS and Android.

• The Game •

  • Test your skills in Single Player or Pass and Play!
  • Five unique captains each with custom powers!
  • Tons of ships to choose from!

• The Captains •

Skippie Skipper

ACTIVE: Golden Anchor

PASSIVE: Extra Weight

Skippie Skipper was the second sailor in his family to sail the high seas. He made a name for himself by taking his modified skiff to the legendary Edge of the World and returning to tell about it.

Seamón El Sailor

ACTIVE: The Queen's Love

PASSIVE: Her Royal Scope

Seamón El Sailor was originally commissioned by the Queen Rosa Rosera Rosario to find as much gold as he could and bring it back to her kingdom. Seamón, being the great sailor that he is, found not only piles of gold but also the legendary Edge of the World.

Jolly Round Beard

ACTIVE: Raspy Punches

PASSIVE: Big Ol Ship Magnet

Captain Jolly Round Beard was not always a pirate. He started out as an innocent cabin boy looking for adventure. One day out on the high seas a pirate vessel invaded their ship and took him prisoner. The pirate ship's captain, known as Captain Snaggle Teeth, took to liking the boy and decided to take him under his wing.

Valgard the Victor

ACTIVE: His Trusty Net

PASSIVE: Ancient Strength

Valgard the Victor was not always known as a "Victor." He started out as a small bullied chap before finally standing up to his foes. This was how he found the strength buried deep inside him - "The Dragon Raven Strength".

Davy Groans

ACTIVE: Ghost Ship

PASSIVE: Mudgully Mud

Nothing is really truly known about Davy Groans. It is said that Davy Groans reached the edge of the world on an epic conquest. Greedy and wishing to travel further he pulled out his spyglass and dared to look into the depths of space. They say he looked so far into the other side that he went mad and forced his men to sail off the edge of the world. His ship was said to fall forever and ever and into the darkness.